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Bonn, den 27.2.2008


Demnächst ...
Veranstaltungen anderer
07.02: Diskussionsveranstaltung mit Rolf Verleger dem Initiator von Schalom5767 (Berliner Erklärung)
Ort: Universität Bonn; Hörsaal 17; Beginn: 18:00 Uhr; Eintritt: frei.
07.01: Autorenlesung: Judith Keshet liest aus "'Checkpoint Watch' - Zeugnisse israelischer Frauen aus dem besetzten Palästina"
Ort: Kultur Bistro Pauke Life; Endenicher Strasse 43; Bonn 53115;
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr; Eintritt: 5,00 (3,00) €.
02. Dezember - 08. Dezember
02.12: The International Call to Stop The Gaza Siege Now
Boycott & Zensur
06.12: Israels Sicherheitsminister sagt Großbritannien-Besuch aus Angst vor Festnahme ab (nov)
Israeli official cancels trip to UK for fear of being arrested for war crimes (imemc)
02.12: Palestinian And Zionist Land Ownership Per District as of 1945 (prmbd)
Traces of poison (ich)
Annapolis - deja vu
07.12: Summit's Goal: Perpetuate Repression of Palestinians (cdrm; B. Olson, A Othman)
06.12: M. Al-Barghouti: Castles in the air - Though Israel must be gleeful following the Annapolis debacle, theatrics won't change the nature or resolve of the ground struggle for Palestinian national liberation (am)
K. Amayreh: Empty heads and full pockets - The PA has come under increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of Annapolis (am)
Backlash - Annapolis could mark the beginning of the end for Mahmoud Abbas (am; S. Al-Naami)
Audio: Crossing the Line interviews Norman Finkelstein (ei)
03.12: K. Amayreh: Our great Palestinian negotiators (pic)
Annapolis Hypocrisy Hides Occupied Palestine Reality (gr)
The 12 Myths of Annapolis (znet)
U. Avnery: "Der Tumult und das Schreien verebbt..." (pp; Übers. E. Rohlfs)
02.12: Annapolis Conference: Another Palestinian Carrot (amin, Dr. Elias Akleh)
Susan Abulhawa: 'A' is for Apartheid or Annapolis (pchron)
Olmert: No firm timetable for peace talks with Palestinians (haa)
01.12: S. Karkar: What was Said and Not Said in Annapolis - The "Never-Never" Peace Talks (cp)
07.12: G. Atzmon: The politics of anti-Semitism: Zionism, the Bund and Jewish Identity politics (oj)
06.12: N. Golan: The Aix Group and the Palestinians - A Generous Offer? (cp)
04.12: Palestine: Moving beyond collective denial (A. El Fassed; ei)
02.12: L. El-Haddad: Who's afraid of the One-State solution? (blog)
Twilight Zone - G. Levy
04.12: G. Levy: One in a shroud, one on crutches (imeu)
02.12: G. Levy: Forderungen eines Diebes [25.11] (pp; Übers. E. Rohlfs)
02.12: Tony Judt mit Hannah-Arendt-Preis ausgezeichnet (yh)
07.12: In pictures: Palestinian Bedouin (bbc)
05.12: Israel feels alone after report on Iran (yh)
04.12: 4 Ethiopian immigrants put in separate classroom (ynet)
03.12: Threat to Israel from within, not without (tpv)
07.12: Israel: Zwei Journalisten zeitweise festgenommen (baz)
06.12: PSC Media Release Wednesday 5th December 2007 - Palestinian student Khaled Al Mudallal, who visited Gaza this summer but ended up trapped there, prevented by the Israeli authorities from leaving to complete his studies at Bradford University, warmly thanked all those who supported his campaign. (imemc)
'divide and conquer'
07.12: Policy on Hamas / An Egyptian-Saudi slap to Abbas (haa)
03.12: Israel delays transfer of armored personnel carriers to Abbas (pchron)
02.12: Jamal Juma: The Palestine We Are Struggling for - The gulf between the Authority and the Palestinian people is becoming increasingly obvious. Indeed the whole range of Palestinian political and social forces joined in condemning the repression on Tuesday. (pchron)
Ha'aretz: Israel must help Abbas to restore control over Gaza (pic)
01.12: Sources: "P.A in the West Bank considers Hamas outlawed" (imemc)
07.12: Israel delays treatment of two Gaza toddlers (b'tselem)
WHO warnt vor humanitärer Krise im Gaza-Streifen - Jordanien zur Behandlung kranker Palästinenser bereit (gdn)
06.12: Gaza's medical sector suffers Israeli sanctions, restrictions (ei)
Only 41 percent of Gaza's food import needs being met (UN; irin)
05.12: Was hat sich tatsächlich in Gaza ereignet? Eine andere Version (ism)
Red Cross training Gaza fighters in international humanitarian law (R. Almeghari; ei)
04.12: Gaza-Streifen steuert auf humanitäre Katastrophe zu: Intensivstationen, Dialysezentren und Operationssälen fehlen Treibstofflieferungen (gdn)
Israel Vows to Keep Hitting Gaza Fighters (am)
03.12: Israel hits Gaza amid fuel fears (bbc)
01.12: Claims of chemical weapon use in Gaza (gdn)
Ethnische Säuberung
05.12: Barghouthi: New settlements in Jerusalem big blow to Annapolis (pic)
04.12: Israel will dreihundert weitere Häuser in Ostjerusalem bauen (standard)
03.12: Watching their flocks: Palestinian shepherds' livelihoods in jeopardy (imeu)
07.12: Palästinensischer Bauer im Gaza-Streifen getötet (gdn)
20 Tote, 22 Verwundete, 52 Verschleppte in einer Woche (ism)
06.12: ISRAEL-OPT: Fewer resources for a worsening situation - UNRWA (UN; irin)
04.12: Israel 'lax on demolition orders' (bbc)
Checkpoints in October - MachsomWatch Summary - October 2007 (kib)
K. Amayreh: A Hanukkah of light vs. a Hanukkah of darkness (pic)
Audio: Crossing the Line interviews Ramallah activist Sam Bahour (ei)
03.12: Auf Freilassung von Gefangenen folgen Massenfestnahmen in der Westbank - ... ein Zehntel der Freigelassenen praktisch wieder in israelischer Haft ... (gdn)
Israel lässt 429 Palästinenser frei (gdn)
Officials: Shin Bet use emergency regulations on 17% of Gaza detainees (haa)
02.12: Israel awaiting High Court ruling before cutting power to Gaza Strip (haa)
Palestinians: Settlers throw stones at boy, steal his donkey (haa)
4 soldiers lightly wounded from mortar fire in Negev (ynet)
Krieg um Weltvorherrschaft
07.12: T. Ali: Pakistan - Daughter of the West (lrb)
The Zero-Sum Fiasco (aw; D. Hiro, T. Engelhardt)
NIE: Israel, Cheney and Bush - What Did They Know and When Did They Know It? (tpv)
05.12: US urges more troops for Somalia (bbc)
It Turns Out Ahmadinejad Was the Truthful One (R. Scheer; cdrm)
Bolton Calls For Congressional Witch-Hunt Into Anti-Bush "People In The Intelligence Community" (tpo)
J. Petras: Venezuelan Referendum: A Post-Mortem and its Aftermath (gr)
04.12: National Intelligence Estimate: "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities"
Bush: No change in Iran policy (gdn)
Iraqi government fragments further (atimes)
03.12: On the Middle East: An Interview with Gilbert Achcar (znet)
02.12: Gun-shy America is losing the best chance to stop Iran (tonline)
Study: U.S., Israel should begin planning strike on Iran nuclear sites (haa)
01.12: K. Akhavi: Why Annapolis Is About Iran (aw)
25. November - 01. Dezember
25.11: The International Call to Stop The Gaza Siege Now
Ingrid Rumpf - Flüchtlingskinder im Libanon e.V.:
"Wir haben den 1. Preis in der Kategorie 'Soziales Leben' beim Wettbewerb "Echt gut! Ehrenamt in Baden - Württemberg" gewonnen.
Danke an alle unsere Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer!"
Boycott & Zensur
30.11: J. Pilger: Exposing the Guardians of Power (aw)
29.11: Hundreds converge on Ramallah for boycott summit (ei)
28.11: Scottish groups call for boycott of Israel’s ‘Eden’ water brand (imemc)
Dutch pro-Palestinian conference shelved after Histadrut intervenes (haa)
30.11: S. Bannoura: Palestinians commemorate 1947 UN resolution creating state of Israel on their land (imemc)
29.11: UN archives reveal plan to arm Jewish militia (haa)
The One State Declaration - Signed: Ali Abunimah, Naseer Aruri, Omar Barghouti, Oren Ben-Dor, George Bisharat, Haim Bresheeth, Jonathan Cook, Ghazi Falah, Leila Farsakh, Islah Jad, Joseph Massad, Ilan Pappe, Carlos Prieto del Campo, Nadim Rouhana, The London One State Group (cp)
28.11: DCI/PS signs joint NGO statement on ending isolation of Gaza - Signed: 1. American Friends Service Committee, 2. Asociacion para la Cooperacion con el Sur - Las Segovias (ACSUR), 3. Campaign for the Children of Palestine, 4. Catholic Relief Services, 5. Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP), 6. Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI), 7. Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud (CISS), 8. Defense for Children International - Palestine Section, 9. Diakonia, 10. Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC), 11. Handicap International, 12. Italian Consortium of Solidarity (ICS), 13. Japan International Volunteer Center, 14. MDM Medecins Du Monde, 15. Medical Aid for Palestine - UK, 16. Medico International, 17. Mercy Corps, 18. Mundubat, 19. Norwegian Church Aid, 20. Norwegian Refugee Council, 21. Oxfam International, 22. The Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden, 23. Premiere Urgence, 24. Solidaridad Internacional, 25. The Swedish Organization for Individual Relief, 26. Terre des Hommes Italy (TDH-IT), 27. Unity and Cooperation for the Development of the Peoples (UCODEP), 28. Welfare Association, 29. World Vision Jerusalem (rweb)
Annapolis - deja vu
30.11: N. Chomsky: Interview - Not Through Annapolis (ich)
29.11: N. Nasser: Flexibility versus escalation - Participating Arabs are walking into another trap in Annapolis (aa)
A. Bishara: Madrid redux (aa)
C. Marsden: Annapolis: US prepares Palestinian civil war and rallies Arab support against Iran (wsws)
T. Karon: Annapolis is About War, Not Peace (blog)
28.11: S. Deeg: Annapolis - die falsche Agenda (jw)
K. Amayreh: Lies from Annapolis
A. Primor: "Der Gipfel war eine Showveranstaltung" (sz)
27.11: K. Amayreh: PA Police assault peaceful demonstrators against Annapolis conference - Journalists were not spared either (pic)
Anti-Annapolis-Demonstration in Ramallah aufgelöst (standard)
Hamas: "Arabisch-zionistischer Karneval" (standard)
Iran: The uninvited guest a peace summit (atimes)
26.11: Barghouthi: Israel has detained four times the number of prisoners it plans to release (maan)
Israel verschärft durch Truppen und Checkpoints Lage in der Westbank (gdn)
We have not given up - The Palestinian people will not yield to the west's cynical pressure on them to surrender (K. Nabulsi)
Fantasy vs. Reality in Palestine-Israel (K. & B. Christison; cp)
25.11: Livni: Arab world will not be involved in negotiations (ynet)
Israelis Reject Ceding Golan Heights to Syria (ar)
30.11: Terror Is A Tactic - Interview with Nir Rosen (ich)
M. Pelad: Rabin and My Father (pchron)
29.11: M. Whitney: "A Crude War Of Revenge" - Tariq Ali on Afghanistan (ich)
29.11: R. Baroud: Demoralisation and absence (aa)
28.11: J. Halper: When the Roadmap is a One Way Street - Israel's Strategy for Permanent Occupation (cp)
S. Karkar: The partition of Palestine ushers in apartheid (imeu)
27.11: S. Ghannoushi: Chasing a ghost - The 'viable Palestinian state' is an illusion, a deformed reality from which Palestinians must break free (gdn)
27.11: Israel to lure Soviet Jews from Germany (gdn)
Betrogene & Betrüger
30.11: Blair: There won't be Palestinian state unless it is coherently run (haa)
28.11: Palestinian prisoner release still in chains (ynet)
26.11: The Judaization of East Jerusalem (cdrm)
PA-Israeli document liquidating RoR unveiled (pic)
29.11: Olmert to Haaretz: Two-state solution, or Israel is done for (haa)
27.11: Soldiers return money stolen from Palestinian (ynet)
30.11: Four injured in peaceful Bil'in protest (imemc)
26.11: Archbishop thrown into row over US Middle East policy (gdn)
Rezensionen & Buchvorstellungen
30.11: M. Peled on "Once Upon A Country"; S. Nusseibeh: Shades of grey (ei)
Veranstaltungen anderer
29.11: Vortrag von Hanan Ahrawi, Inhaberin der Mercator-Professur 2007 der UDE: "The Palestine Question: Narratives and Legitimacies"; Uni-Campus Duisburg im Audimax; 18:00 Uhr; Eintritt frei
'divide and conquer'
30.11: K. Amayreh: PA police terrorize Palestinian journalists (pic)
28.11: Fifty-seven injured as PA security forces attack Hebron funeral (imemc)
Palestinian politicians condemn attacks on journalists (maan)
30.11: Fatah to join Hamas if Israel attacks Gaza (upi)
Israeli High Court orders army to allow passage of four terminally-ill Palestinians (imemc)
29.11: Stuart Littlewood: See Gaza and Weep - A communiqué received from the Ministry of Health in Gaza reveals the stark reality: ... (unob)
Israel high court okays Gaza fuel cuts (afp)
28.11: Israeli troops execute injured Palestinian in Gaza, eyewitnesses say (maan)
27.11: Fire and Water in Gaza (wp)
Sick are in the frontline as supplies and hope drain away for isolated Gazans (R. McCathy; gdn)
UN Director of operations: UNRWA cannot feed 200,000 Palestinian children in its schools (imemc)
Gaza residents stage demonstration against Annapolis (imemc)
25.11: Five Palestinians Killed, Five Others Wounded, Six Factories Demolished (ipc)
UNRWA commissioner promises to relay Gaza suffering to international forums (pic)
Twilight Zone - G. Levy
26.11: G. Levy: Demands of a thief (haa)
Ethnische Säuberung
29.11: Israeli army forcibly evacuate at least 200 Palestinians from Kherbet Qessa (imemc)
28.11: Straßensperre beseitigt, israelische Armee antwortet mit Gewalt (ism)
27.11: Menschenrechtsbeobachter und Kinder wieder Opfer israelischer Soldaten (ism)
26.11: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian schoolgirls with axes (imemc)
Gov't committee calls for freeze in Wadi Ara demolitions (haa)
Siedler verwüsten palästinensische Stadt Al-Funduq (ism)
In the buildup to Annapolis, Israel continues with Human Rights violations and killings in Tulkarem (ism)
30.11: PCHR Weekly Report: 11 killed, 28 wounded (PCHR)
Israeli military invade Nablus and attack two mosques (imemc)
Marda placed under curfew during yet another invasion (ism)
Azzoun Under Curfew Again as IOF Invade (ism)
29.11: International and Israeli peace activists attacked by Israeli forces in Qalqilia (imemc)
28.11: Israeli army shoots three children, abducts two in Azzoun village (imemc)
Krieg um Weltvorherrschaft
30.11: Tens of Thousands Protest Chavez Proposals, Is CIA Fomenting Unrest to Challenge Referendum? (demnow)
Washington: There is no place yet for Syria in peace process (haa)
N. Klein: Forget the green technology - the hot money is in guns (gdn)
29.11: James Petras: US Military versus Israel Firsters (pchron)
Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran. Metro Times asks why he's so sure. (cdr)
US bombing kills 14 construction workers in Afghanistan (wsws)
28.11: Road to Empire - An illegal treaty with Iraq seals our fate (aw)
J. Petras: CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces (cp)
26.11: America in the Time of Empire (C. Hedges; tdig)
U.S. Jewish leader Rosen visits Pakistan to support Musharraf (haa)
Iraq Has Only Militants, No Civilians (D. Jamail; cdrm)
25.11: Beirut's Black Friday (cp)
25.11: Future Generation Hands Association (; Nablus
18. November - 24. November
Radio/TV-Hinweis - Nachlese
20.11: Leserbrief von I. Rumpf zu "Ethnische Säuberung" - Hat Israel die Palästinenser systematisch vertrieben?" (ARD; titel-thesen-temperamente)
20.11: The International Call to Stop The Gaza Siege Now
18.11: V. Waltz: Israel und Wasser - Diebstahl an den nationalen Ressourcen der anderen, auch mit Krieg (ak)
Apocalypse Now! - August 22 by Bernard Lewis (8. Aug. 2006) - This year, Aug. 22 corresponds, in the Islamic calendar, to the 27th day of the month of Rajab of the year 1427. ... is the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to "the farthest mosque," usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven and back (cf Koran XVII.1). This might well be deemed an appropriate date for the apocalyptic ending of Israel and if necessary of the world. (wsj)
Annapolis - deja vu
24.11: Palestinian factions: Annapolis a new station to liquidate the Palestinian cause (pic)
Abu Marzouk: Annapolis conference will be followed by escalation in resistance (pic)
Report: US will not force Israel's hand in Annapolis (ynet)
Hamas, Hezbollah blast Mideast peace meet (mea)
23.11: The PLO excluded from the Annapolis Conference (gr)
22.11: L. El-Haddad: Annapolis, as seen from Gaza (gdn)
Likudnik hawks work to undermine Annapolis (ei)
20.11: Annapolis Meeting: The Institutionalization of Racism (amin)
The Israeli government makes six obstacles ahead of Annapolis conference - ... six major obstacles in front of the negotiations which may prevent their success. These are; the demands of the Israeli government that the Palestinian recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the refusal of talking about the Palestinian refugees, the refusal of freezing the settlement activity in the Palestinian areas, the refusal to implement the first stage of the US brokered Road Map Peace plan, and the refusal of the Arabic Peace Initiative. (imemc)
Olmert Says no Peace until End to Hamas Rule in Gaza (am)
19.11: PA minister: Reopen Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem (ynet)
U. Avnery: The Joke in Annapolis - How to Get Out? (cp)
18.11: PA to U.S.: We'll accept nothing less than total settlement freeze (haa)
Washington announces a Middle East conference "later this fall" amid reports of a tendency to postpone the event for a year (debka)
24.11: The Political Implications of the Hamas Electoral Victory from the Islamist Perspective (cfo)
20.11: Thus Spoke Equality - Why Israel Has No "Right to Exist" as a Jewish State (cp)
19.11: Why peace has no price - Is it possible for Tony Blair's economic measures for Palestine to succeed while Israel still controls society? (gdn)
19.11: INTERVIEW: Israel disrupts Palestinian policing - EU adviser (reuters)
Betrogene & Betrüger
21.11: Barghouthi: Israel kidnaps more than it intends to release (pic)
18.11: Peace is possible - The Palestinian philosopher Sari Nusseibeh tells Ian Black that despite widespread pessimism surrounding talks in Annapolis a change of focus could go on to yield spectacular results (gdn)
24.11: Keys to Palestinian home cherished (imeu)
20.11: G. Monbiot: The Middle East has had a secretive nuclear power in its midst for years - Iran isn't starting an atomic arms race, it's joining one (gdn)
Israeli civilian killed in W. Bank shooting attack (haa)
18.11: Israeli 'ruler-in-waiting' plans to starve Hamas - Ms Livni is the daughter of Zionists - classified as terrorists by the British authorities. Her father, Eitan, was the Irgun's head of operations when it blew up the King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, killing 28 Britons, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews and five others. The subsequent wave of terror attacks he led ... government to abandon the Palestinian Mandate ..., with disastrous consequences for the Palestinians. (ind)
Veranstaltungen anderer
24.11: IPK-Bonn lädt ein zu der Aufführung des Schauspiels "Nathans Tod in Jerusalem" des Ali Jalaly-Ensembles; Köln, Arkades-Theater; 19:00 Uhr
24.11: Jubiläumsveranstaltung: 25. Jahre Nahost-Friedenskreis; Ort: Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum Berg. Gladbach-Bensberg; Im Bungert 3 (gegenüber der neuen Post ); Einlass: 17:30 Uhr
'divide and conquer'
21.11: Hamas: Abbas's security forces have become occupation tools (pic)
20.11: West Bank Campus Closes After Alleged Torture of Student (tche)
20.11: Hamas: Fatah forces arrested five Hamas members from several parts of the West Bank (imemc)
18.11: Palestinian interior minister: 'PA will disband all armed groups' (maan)
PA security forces carry out mass arrests in Nablus (ynet)
Arabs foil PA condemnation of Hamas' takeover of Gaza at UN (haa)
24.11: The Gaza Strip: Disengagement two years on (ei)
22.11: "A matter of revenge": Israel denying medical treatment to Gaza (ei)
21.11: OPT: IOF humiliates and puts at risk the life of a medical team in Gaza; continues to restrict access to hospitals (rweb)
Gaza: The Final Solution In Slow Motion (cc)
19.11: K. Amayreh: Open Letter to Sir John Holmes, UN Undersecretary- General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (tpv)
Refugees from Gaza Face Uncertain Future in the West Bank (tpmc)
Twilight Zone - G. Levy / A. Hass
23.11: A. Hass: Annapolis: PA should have set the bar higher at the outset (haa)
18.11: G. Levy: What do you mean when you say 'no'? (haa)
Ethnische Säuberung
22.11: Jerusalem's Israeli mayor announces plan for annexation of East Jerusalem (imemc)
Demolition decimating Palestinian village (ei)
The youngest Palestinian political detainee leaves the detention camp (imemc)
21.11: ISRAEL-OPT: Inside the maze: movement restrictions in the West Bank (irin)
20.11: Man Blindfolded and Beaten in Tel Rumeida (ism)
19.11: UN agency aiding Palestinian refugees warns of increased budget deficit (iht)
A wall runs through it - ... the Defense Ministry's latest innovation: a binational highway with an ethnic divider. (haa)
UN aid chief attacks new Israeli checkpoint plan (gdn)
18.11: Palestinian refused entry to Israel dies of cancer - After being refused entry to Israel for four months, young Palestinian cancer patient dies Saturday. 'Shin Bet's policy means death,' say Physicians for Human Rights (ynet)
Krieg um Weltvorherrschaft
23.11: Preventing the Impending War on Iran (gr)
22.11: Afghanistan 'falling into hands of Taliban' (gdn)
21.11: C. Hedges: Hands Off Iran (tn)
T. Karon: The Problem in Pakistan (blog)
19.11: Islamist insurgency grows in Somalia (gdn)
US military strike on Pakistan advocated (dtimes)
Coup D'État Rumblings in Venezuela (gr)
18.11: Musharraf Feels the Heat (cdream; E. Margolis)
24.11: Controlled chaos - Amid a dangerous political vacuum in Lebanon, American tactics against Hizbullah resemble those directed against Hamas in Gaza (gdn)
20.11: "We Ask the World Not to Help Us" - Acclaimed Lebanese Composer, Singer Marcel Khalife on U.S. interference in Lebanon, War, Censorship and Art (demnow)
11. November - 17. November
18.11: titel-thesen-temperamente (ARD): "Ethnische Säuberung" - Hat Israel die Palästinenser systematisch vertrieben? - Ilan Pappe behauptet in seinem neuen Buch, 1948 habe es eine systematisch geplante "ethnische Säuberung Palästinas" gegeben. (ard)
16.11: aspekte (ZDF): Vorstellung des Buchs "Ethnische Säuberung Palästinas" von Ilan Pappe
Boycott & Zensur
17.11: E-mail snub to Israel by Prince Charles' aides sparks furor (haa)
Cut Israel Off (aw; C. Reese)
15.11: Ramzy Baroud Discusses Media Response to His Book (zmag)
Professor resigns abruptly - Berlin and other students in the class said they were concerned that Diskin taught the class with a bias toward Israel. (gwh)
13.11: A. Shlaim: Israel, free speech, and the Oxford Union (opdem)
Annapolis - deja vu
17.11: Israel: We won't negotiate at Annapolis (jpost)
Middle East Talks in Annapolis: Photo-Op or Talk-Fest (znet)
16.11: Israeli defense: not to make concessions to PNA (xin)
The Palestinian path to peace does not go via Annapolis (gdn)
15.11: K. Amayreh: Talking in circles - Provocations and misunderstandings abound, but Israel as a state for Jews only remains the heart of the problem (aa)
Olmert: PA must recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" before resumption of talks (pic)
A real peace process? - Somehow, however, journalists and analysts continue to maintain the fiction that the US-driven "peace process" is a sincere attempt at securing a just solution to the conflict in Palestine/Israel. (gdn)
12.11: S. Karkar: The deadly dance for peace (imeu)
PA negotiators forced to call off talks after blocked at checkpoint - "We cannot carry out negotiations like this," Qureia said. An aide said Qureia informed Israel that he wanted to move the talks to another country.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said Israel regretted the incident and pledged it would be investigated.
17.11: K. Amayreh: What is a Jewish state? (pic)
15.11: Deserting a sinking ship (haa; D. Rubinstein)
14.11: C. Roberts: Why No American President Will Stand Up to Israel - The Lobby (cp)
Canada, Hizballah and terrorism: An interview with Tariq Ali (ei)
13.11: K. Amayreh: Abbas bamboozled again (pic)
12.11: The PA cannot remain transitional (imeu)
11.11: R. Khalidi: In the Mideast, America Casts an Imperial Shadow (wp)
A glimpse at a life in line - For Palestinians, a tense daily grind (chitr)
17.11: Tony Blair: 'I wanted war - it was the right thing to do' (timon)
16.11: Homes in illegal Israeli settlements for sale at London expo (gdn)
Senior Vatican diplomat says ties with Israel worsening (iht)
Betrogene & Betrüger
16.11: Ramon: Recognition of a "Jewish state" important as it means no right of return (pic)
15.11: Palestinians commemorate 19th anniversary of their independence (imemc)
11.11: Abbas slams Hamas, hails peace efforts at rally honoring Arafat - ... Mahmoud Abbas .. to call the approaching U.S.-sponsored peace summit an "historic opportunity" and to suggest to supporters that Palestinian statehood is within reach. (haa)
17.11: Turkey: Israel Is Destroying Muslim Artifacts (am)
16.11: Israeli women soldiers recount army trauma in film (reuters)
12.11: Palestinian, Israeli scholars to advance one-state solution in London (ei)
E. J'lem family gives homeless Jewish family shelter after authorities fail to help (haa)
Veranstaltungen anderer
13.11: Vortrag und Diskussion mit Gästen aus Israel und Palästina: Combattants for Peace - Gemeinsam mit dem Feind für Frieden in Nahost; Referenten: Yael Kenny (Isr.), Wael Salame (Pal.); Universitätsclub Bonn, Konviktstraße 9, 53113 Bonn; 19:00 Uhr; Anmeldung:
'divide and conquer'
17.11: Fatah supporters attack a leftist rally in Ramallah, six injured (imemc)
15.11: Abbas: "We must topple the junta who took control of the Gaza Strip by military force" (maan)
12.11: Deadly clash at Arafat Gaza rally (bbc)
18.11: Israel's economic blockade stops Gaza's strawberry-farmers selling their crop (ind)
12.11: Gazans: Palestinians detained by IDF return naked (haa)
M. El-Farra: what was going inside thier tiny heads? i wander (blog)
11.11: G. Levy: Good news from Gaza (haa)
M. El-Farra: While the siege continues and the world watches with disbelief (blog)
PA sources: Israel told the PA of its intention occupy the Gaza-Egypt borderline (pic)
Ethnische Säuberung
17.11: Israelische Armee entführt mehr als 350 Palästinenser im Oktober (ism)
UN: West Bank fence severs Palestinans farmers from fields (haa)
16.11: Settler enclave mocks Mideast peace prospects (afp)
14.11: Torturing Palestinian Detainees (gr)
Hebron settlers filmed harassing city's Palestinian residents (haa)
13.11: Wire cage installed at Huwwara checkpoint (imemc)
Krieg um Weltvorherrschaft
17.11: US bolsters platforms to defend Iraq's oil (tgp)
Pakistanis Growing Frustrated With U.S. (wp)
Army Desertion Rate Up 80 Pct. Since '03 - Overall, 4,698 soldiers deserted this year, compared to 3,301 last year. (sfg)
The dollar's decline: from symbol of hegemony to shunned currency (ind)
16.11: Saudi Arabia Won't Include U.S. Dollar in OPEC Talks (Update4) (bloom)
Russia abandons key Cold War arms treaty (yh)
"The Fall of the House of Bush: The Untold Story of How a Band of True Believers Seized the Executive Branch, Started the Iraq War, and Still Imperils America's Future" (demnow)
15.11: A. Bishara: Exercises in mendacity (aa)
120 US war veteran suicides a week (ncau)
US eyes Pakistan's nuclear arsenal (atim)
14.11: J. Petras: Venezuelan Democracy, the Presidency of Hugo Chavez and the Great Majority of Popular Classes Face a Mortal Threat (cp)
Former UN Spokesperson Salim Lone: International Community Turning Blind Eye to Worsening Somalia Crisis (demnow)
Aunt Benazir's False Promises - The Dismantling of Pakistani Democracy (cp)
13.11: T. Karon: Benazir vs. Musharraf is Punch vs. Judy (blog)
12.11: C. Hedges: In the Hands of the Military - The last, best hope for averting a war with Iran lies with the United States military. (tdig)
Iraq: A Tale of One City, Now Two (cdm)
11.11: Curveball, Swing and A Miss (wp)
Iraqi fighters 'grilled for evidence on Iran' (gdn)
A. Gresh: How to Turn a Region Into a Graveyard - Uncle Sam's New Backyard (cp)
17.11: S. Makdisi: Diplomatic Pleasantries Have Been Discarded - Lebanon is Hanging by a Thread (cp)
04. November - 10. November
07.11: Palestinian International Campaign-End Gaza Seige (M. El-Farra; blog)
06.11: Don't Sign for Apartheid in Palestine (ism)
Boycott & Zensur
07.11: The deceit of Reporters Without Borders (grc)
Israeli soldiers admit government has spied on international phone calls since 1973 (imemc)
05.11: Dutch "research" group covers for Israeli crimes, violations (ei)
04.11: Israel critique on campus (jpost)
Annapolis - deja vu
10.11: R. Baroud: Peace and Democracy in Palestine - A peace conference with no political horizon - one that was repeatedly promised by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - will add more fuel to the already volatile political landscape in Palestine and Israel. (pchron)
07.11: G. Khatib: Nothing less than our freedom - But our experience has been that Israel, the stronger party, exploits peace talks as a smokescreen to obscure facts that it is establishing on the ground. (ei)
Barak: Israel to retain control of passage between W. Bank, Gaza (haa)
Syria reiterates demand to put Golan on Annapolis summit agenda (haa)
Misguided priorities (jtimes)
06.11: Palestinian official: US has made its invitations for participants in Annapolis summit (imemc)
Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US (ynet)
Israel extremists mobilise against Mideast talks (afp)
05.11: G. Khatib: Repeating the same mistakes (bl)
Meshal: Summit is U.S. ruse meant to distract from war vs. Iran (haa)
Israel gegen "neuen Terrorstaat" Palästina (bo)
04.11: If not serious, why bother? (jtimes)
Rice notifies Israeli leaders of reduced remit for Middle East conference at Annapolis (debka)
10.11: K. Amayreh: Abbas must resign now (pic)
K. Amayreh: Our problematic UN ambassador (pic)
07.11: J. Halper: Whose road map? (maan)
The Politics of Servility (W. Cook)
05.11: Carter, unlike Bush, faces reality on West Bank issue (cst)
This is no basis for talks - The unrealistic terms being imposed upon Hamas are much harsher than those the IRA faced (gdn)
Duff diplomacy - The US secretary of state's dash around the Middle East has failed to patch up a foreign policy in tatterss (gdn)
04.11: US, Gaza in darkness (jtimes)
Betrogene & Betrüger
10.11: Maan news agency strikes to protest arrest of executive for airing Hamas (haa)
09.11: Palestinians agree to Israeli security demands - PA negotiators say they have accepted Israeli stance on need to combat terror as prerequisite to moving ahead with Road Map (ynet)
08.11: Israeli intelligence: Abbas is too weak (jpost)
07.11: IMI: Mideast Summit Likely to Fail, Abbas May Resign (am)
06.11: PLO denies signing a peace document with Israelis (imemc)
Palestinian Chief negotiator meets British envoy in Jericho (imemc)
PA forces withdraw from Nablus refugee camp - Palestinian police end refugee camp operation ... pledge to maintain order; Israel cautiously optimistic ... Abbas claims he is carrying out Palestinian commitments under Road Map (ynet)
05.11: Abbas optimism for Mid-East talks (bbc)
Ismael Haneyya: Gaza remains steadfast despite the conspirers (pic)
04.11: Palestinian PM asks Israel to accept deadline, free prisoners (jtimes)
Kultur & Palästina
06.11: Women in focus at Palestinian film festival (reuters)
06.11: A refugee's rendering (haa)
07.11: Hundreds of Jerusalemites protest against Israeli policies in the city (imemc)
04.11: Demonstration against Apartheid Roads (ism)
Jalud Olive Harvest Stopped by Armed Settlers and the Israeli Army (ism)
'divide and conquer'
10.11: Hamas: Abbas's apparatuses target "silencing voice of truth" (pic)
09.11: U.S. to aid restive West Bank city before summit (reuters)
07.11: Hamas-Jihad clashes in Rafah leave one resident dead (imemc)
06.11: Hamas accuses arrests of its members in W. Bank (xin)
K. Amayreh: Abbas's policemen clash with Fatah gunmen in Nablus (pic)
05.11: US-trained Palestinian special force routed in West Bank Nablus camp by Hamas-led extremists Monday (debka)
10.11: Israeli forces admit shooting two teenagers in Gaza Strip (maan)
07.11: Khudari: More than 1,000 patients in Gaza require urgent treatment abroad (pic)
Stranded Palestinians at the Egyptian side enter their 4th month of suffering (imemc)
Hamas plans to build $200 million movie production house in Gaza (haa)
06.11: Punishing Gaza (tpv)
Closure of crossings traps students in Gaza (gdn)
Palestinians protest Israeli fuel cuts (iht)
05.11: Palestinian group proposes cease-fire (upi)
04.11: Israeli fire kills four Palestinians in Gaza (afp)
Twilight Zone - G. Levy / A. Hass
07.11: A. Hass: A moment before the lights go out (haa)
Ethnische Säuberung
09.11: My god, what did we do? (haa)
07.11: West Bank Settlements 'Expanding' (cdr)
Israeli military kidnaps the father and brother of a 'wanted' Palestinian man in Jenin (imemc)
Turning the other cheek - Rory McCarthy on one Palestinian's patient struggle to uncover the truth about his 10-year-old daughter's death (gdn)
06.11: Israel's Settlement Blocs Carve Up the West Bank (znet)
Palestinians Get Some Medical Care (ips)
04.11: Another Bedouin family to be evicted as the round-up continues (stw)
Das erste Land, das Folter legalisiert - Israels Militärgerichtshofe von innen (L. Hajjar; dt. G. Merz; pp)
Two female detainees appeal for medical intervention as their conditions deteriorate (imeu)
Krieg um Weltvorherrschaft
10.11: N. Klein: Latin America's Shock Resistance (cdr)
Washington tells EU firms: quit Iran now (gdn)
P. Escobar: Iraq: Call an air strike (atimes)
Spooks refuse to toe Cheney's line on Iran (atimes)
09.11: A. Gresh: Towards fresh disaster in Iran (znet)
P. Cockburn: In the Kandil Mountains with the PKK (cp)
08.11: Taliban stage a coup of their own (atimes)
07.11: J. Petras: The Deadly Embrace (ich)
P. Escobar: Bush's Turkey shoot (atimes)
06.11: Our Man in Pakistan (td)
Musharraf plays his last ace (atimes)
Rudy's Torture Talk (wpo)
05.11: The Iraq war has become a disaster that we have chosen to forget (gdn)
Top US legal adviser refuses to rule out 'torture' technique (gdn)
A. Rashid: Taliban the big winners (tgp)
T. Ali: Pakistan takes yet another step into the dark night (ind)
04.11: Putin warns of outside forces that wish to split Russia and take over its natural resources (iht)
07.11: Sayyed Nasrallah Conducts Largest Mass Military Drill (am)
06.11: Palestinians weave their legacy in Lebanon refugee camp (afp)

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